About Me

Hi! I am a software engineer experienced with Rails, React, Javascript, Python, PostgreSQL, and the MERN stack. When I am not on my computer, you can find me bouldering at my local climbing gym or lifting weights in my homemade power rack. Currently, I am making my way through my new Linear Algebra textbook I received as a gift as well as self-learning Python. Let's connect!


Cam Clickr |

CamClickr is a Flickr clone intended to replicate the photo-sharing and organization functionality using Rails, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, and AWS S3.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, AWS S3

Pomegranate |

Let Pomegranate help you discover exciting new meals you can create with the ingredients you already have. Convenient, green, accessible. Pomegranate.

Technologies: Express.js, React, Redux, MongoDB, Node.js

2D Projectile Motion Simulator |

A 2D Projectile Motion Simulator to visualize classical mechanics projectile motion problems.

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML Canvas, CSS


Check out my resume for more details!


Location: San Francisco, CA

Email: italo.lujanpedreschi@gmail.com

Phone: (415) 910-8370